Elon Musk’s bonus could be worth more than $5 million, according to a recent analysis of the chief executive’s financial disclosure filings.

The investment fund that invested in Musk’s Tesla electric car company is one of the companies biggest investors, and its chief investment officer, Daniel Kresge, is one the top 10 executives in the company’s $3 billion fund, according the investment firm Equilar.

The company has also invested in a series of other companies, including Apple and Amazon, according its disclosure filings with the SEC.

But Kresgies annual disclosure forms do not include Musk’s investment in Tesla.

That means he has not yet disclosed the value of his stock options or other investments that could be linked to his compensation.

Equilar, which compiled the data, said that it was unable to find a source for Musk’s reported bonus.

The data, which was obtained by The Hill, is based on publicly available SEC filings and is based primarily on stock options and other types of restricted stock.

Equampore said that Musk’s compensation is “highly variable,” and that it could be up to $1 million or more.

But it said the company is not aware of any other company that has received a bonus from Musk.

The SEC said it was aware of Kresga’s bonus.

“The SEC has been closely following the matter and has not seen any indication that the SEC has received any information that would suggest that the bonus is unlawful or that it violates any applicable laws or regulations,” said Jessica Schulz, an SEC spokesperson.

“The SEC is reviewing the Equampore report and will evaluate the accuracy of its information in light of any additional information that may be presented in connection with the matter.”

Tesla’s chief executive, Elon Musk, has said he expects his company will grow to 10 million customers and $100 billion in sales by 2025.