What if I get a Chase bonus card but it won’t give me any extra points?

The Chase Freedom will only let you earn the bonus points for $250,000 of spending, but it doesn’t give you the extra points you might want.

Here’s why: There are three categories that will give you bonus points: Cash Back at Chase. 

Points can be redeemed for cash back on most purchases at stores like Target, Walmart, and Target Express. 

Earned Travel. 

These categories give you travel credit and a $500 travel credit when you spend $500 at a Chase-operated destination within 30 days of applying. 

Cards are capped at $500 per person per statement cycle. 

Cash on the Door. 

This category is capped at 1,000 points per month, and you have to spend $2,000 per statement month to qualify. 

Saved Points. 

You earn points for every dollar you spend in a given month, which can be used for travel, dining, or even on gas.

If you’ve spent $2.50 on gas in a certain month, you’ll get $10 of travel credit. 

Travel credit can be applied toward travel, including on flights, hotels, and even gas.

The more points you earn, the more travel credit you get.

You’ll only get the travel credit if you spend more than $2K per month. 

Other perks include: Bonus Categories for your Credit Score. 

Your card earns points for the categories you apply for: Citi: Travel, dining Citibank: Dining Capital One: Gas & Travel CapitalDirect: Holidays, travel, shopping, travel credit American Express: Business, travel American Eagle: Grocery BlueCross BlueShield: Health, wellness BlueWave: Airline, travel Citi Rewards: Hotel, vacation, entertainment, hotel, travel points Delta: Flight, business, travel , business travel, travel cards, airline miles, hotel rooms Cigna: Food, grocery, grocery card, restaurant, travel Points, travel rewards, travel vouchers, travel checks Citigroup: Home, travel card, home travel, home business, home credit card, travel purchases, travel perks, home insurance Discover: Budget, travel tips, travel magazine, travel site, travel award, travel membership, travel credits  JPMorgan Chase: Booking, travel awards, travel reimbursements, travel members, travel benefits, travel checking, travel offers, travel checkbook, travel fee, travel travel expenses, travel insurance  Sears: Books, travel coupons, travel services, travel discounts, travel reviews, travel shopping, business travel ,travel bookings, travel rates, travel deals, travel expenses , travel rewards  United: Payment, credit card rewards, payment, credit cards, rewards, card, airline, credit , credit cards  Amex: AmEx travel, rewards points, travel accounts, travel and dining, travel bonuses, travel annuities, travel program, travel reward, rewards programs, travel programs, business credit cards ,travel, travel account, travel website, travel company, travel sites, travel booking, travel promotions, travel products, travel online, travel reservations, travel reservation fee, trip planner, travel app, travel information, travel agency, travel agent programs, traveler, travel member, travel planner, Traveler’s Guide, travel websites, travel guide, travel partner, travel resources, travel service, travel destination, travel source The HootSuite: Personal, travel advice, travel news, travel recommendations, travel gift, travel gifts, travel book, travel tip, travel articles, travel content, travel blog, travel guides, travel events, travel destinations, travel accessories, travel apparel, travel jewelry, travel magazines, travel books, travel newsletters, travel entertainment, travel inspiration, travel inspirations, travel opportunities, travel vacation, travel travels, travel experiences, travel lifestyle, travel media, travel places, travel business, Travel and Travel, travel partners, travel event, travel locations, travel resorts, travel businesses, travel publications, travel organizations, travel travelers, travel providers, travel retailers, travel retail, travel sources source TheHuffingtonPost.com