How do you feel about Christmas this year?

You’ll want to know more.

In the UK, the annual Christmas bonus round kicks off this week, which means that for every player who makes the cut, a further £100,000 is paid to the club.

That money, paid over a period of two years, is then divided evenly between the clubs players in the next season.

That means a player who earns £50,000 this season will get £50 million over two years. 

It also means that if a player misses out on the bonus, they can still qualify for a season’s pay out. 

This means a lot of players get a huge payday this season. 

For example, Klopp signed Liverpool star Philippe Coutinho last summer, but missed out on a £50million bonus because of injury.

The German was then injured and played only 12 games, but he still earned £60,000 a week, meaning he made a good return to the squad.

He missed out again in the Champions League and this year he is expected to make £50m this season, which is an increase of £8m from last season.

It is a big boost for Liverpool, as they could only afford to pay Coutinho £45m over the next two seasons, while they had to spend £50.5m on a new goalkeeper. 

In fact, they only made £26.4m from the £100m bonus.

That is a huge chunk of money for Liverpool to pay out, which makes them a top spenders in Europe.

But it is not as good for their manager.

The Reds manager has said in the past that he will spend more on players, which will lead to an overall increase in wages, but that will lead a rise in the squad wages, as it means more money for the manager.

So, is it a good or bad year for Liverpool? 

For Klopp, it is a very good year.

The team has improved massively this season and will make the Europa League final in the Premier League.

Liverpool has also made it to the Champions league this season in both seasons, so they have a good chance of finishing in the top four, and securing a Champions League spot.

However, that is only a long shot, as Barcelona and Real Madrid are the only other teams with a realistic chance of going there. 

Kilmarnock, who has a difficult task in qualifying, will need to improve massively to qualify for the Champions. 

But he will not be going on a run of poor results, as he has a good squad, a decent coach and a good manager. 

He will be able to keep the Reds top four spot and the Premier league.

For Klopp’s side, the bonus round will make a big difference.

The club will have a very busy next season, and will have to play some games, including some away fixtures against clubs in the Europa league, as well as the Premier leagues Champions League final. 

Liverpool will have no trouble competing, as this will be their first season in the competition, so there will be a big opportunity to play the Europa Final against Barcelona and the final against Real Madrid. 

There are also games against Bayern Munich, Real Madrid and Arsenal.

If the Reds are able to qualify, then they will be rewarded with more money. 

They will be paid the equivalent of £10m over two seasons for the first half of the season, as the money will be divided in half.

Then, as soon as the second half of that season is over and the club gets promoted to the Premier division, they will receive £20m over a three-year period. 

That will be an increase in money of £15m, which could mean the Reds finishing in second or third, depending on how well they perform in the league.

It also puts Liverpool in a better position to win trophies. 

The club are still likely to miss out on Europa League and Champions League spots this season as they finish in second, but they are likely to win the Europa Trophy, which gives the club the opportunity to compete in the final of the European Cup. 

As for the league title, Liverpool will have the chance to win it. 

Last season they were the best side in the division, but this season they are looking good, as Klopp’s team has won eight of the last 10 league games.

Liverpool have a chance to secure the Europa Cup, which would be a major trophy for the club, but if they do not win the final, it will not give them a trophy.

They will have won it twice in the last two seasons.