More than a year ago, we got a glimpse of a bonus round featuring free credit cards for fans who pre-ordered Dawn of War 3.

The bonus was only available for a limited time, but now, we have more details.

First off, a few days ago, Entertainment Weekly was the first to report that the bonus was a “bonus” round for Dawn of Wars III, and that the credit cards would be available for free with the purchase of Dawn of Warfare 3.

Now, a couple of days later, Entertainment Week has confirmed that the game’s bonus round will include a free credit card with Dawn of Warriors III, which can be redeemed on Xbox Live Gold.

You can see the bonus cards below, and be sure to check out Entertainment Week’s coverage of the game and its upcoming content at the end of this post.

As of now, there’s no official word from Entertainment Weekly on when Dawn of war III’s bonus rounds will arrive on Xbox LIVE Gold, but fans should be aware that it’s possible they could be coming soon.

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