Runescape bonuses are a lot bigger than you think

WIRED’s Aaron Zelin explains how much your WIZARDS® account might be worth when you log in to RuneScape.The rewards are huge.The average account with a RuneScapes account will get 1,000 bonus XP, which is about a quarter of the amount that you’d get from normal activities.It’s not the highest amount, but it’s still a lot […]

How to watch the WSOP Bonus Money Draw on TV in France

More than 2,000 poker players will compete for a record $30,000 bonus in the 2017 WSOP bonus pot on Friday night.The WSOP’s top prize is a bonus pot worth $1 million (£1.5m) and the second prize is $750,000 (£530,000).The draw will take place at the Rennes casino, which opened its doors in February 2017.The winner […]