Chase CEO: No one can blame Chase for missing earnings, earnings growth, earnings, Chase bonus

Chase CEO Brian Colas announced on Friday that the company would miss earnings and earnings growth targets for the fourth quarter, but did not offer a specific explanation for the missed targets.The announcement came just hours after Colas said the company’s earnings miss and the recent earnings slowdown were not a result of any company-wide […]

When it comes to the bank bonuses, Dillards has got the best, writes Dan Arelis

The Dillard bank bonuses are no doubt a huge incentive for people to work for the Dillars.According to the Dillionards website, there are “many benefits to working at Dillionard” such as a “great company atmosphere”, “good health and well-being”, “a fun work environment”, and “an easy access to the financial services industry”.So, is it worth […]