Sudden death in Sugarhouse bonus drive is a mystery, experts say

Two weeks after they died, two young men in southern Ohio had their bodies removed from a car at a sugarhouse on the edge of a remote, heavily wooded area.

The body was found in the front passenger seat of a silver 2007 Ford Focus, which was later found abandoned in a field about 60 miles north of Columbus.

The man’s name was Mark Pappas, age 20.

He had a history of alcohol and drug abuse and was known to have been seen at a party near the Sugarhouse, which is the home of The Sweet and the Sultry.

Authorities say the men were shot and killed when they tried to rob the SugarHouse.

It was not clear what led to the killing.

The investigation has been reopened, and police are continuing to investigate whether it is connected to the shooting death of another man, Mark P. Leach, in September.

The case has attracted a lot of attention in the media, with national and international news organizations posting videos of the crime scene.

Authorities are now searching for two other men who they say were at the Sugar House with the two men killed.

They said they were friends of Papps and that he seemed to have no motive.

Authorities say they do not have any information on the other two men.

The murder is the latest in a string of recent homicides in the area.

Last week, a 21-year-old man was shot dead in the woods near Sugarhouse.

In June, a 22-year old man was found shot to death on a rural road near Sugar House, and in July a 19-year to 24-year the man was killed on a remote stretch of road near the spot where the men had been shot.

On Wednesday, a woman was killed and her 6-year granddaughter was wounded in a shooting near the sugarhouse, and a few days earlier a 21 year old man in his early 20s was killed in the same area.

Authorities have not yet named the men.

Anyone with information about the two killings is asked to call the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation at 513-932-0444.