WIRED’s Aaron Zelin explains how much your WIZARDS┬« account might be worth when you log in to RuneScape.

The rewards are huge.

The average account with a RuneScapes account will get 1,000 bonus XP, which is about a quarter of the amount that you’d get from normal activities.

It’s not the highest amount, but it’s still a lot of xp.

If you’ve been playing RuneScaping for years and you’ve never done anything else but play, you’ll get an additional 400kXP every week for life.

For the first time ever, players will be able to earn a total of 300,000xp in a single account, which means you can get your whole guild in on the action.

That’s more than double the amount of XP you get from an average account.

You can earn more than just XP.

You can earn rewards that range from the mundane to the amazing, like the ability to buy and sell goods in the game store.

If your friends and family are going to be around, you can also buy them an item with the WIZARD reward, which you can redeem in-game.

These items are used to buy better equipment, so you’ll have the best equipment on the market when you start out.

We also have an exciting new feature called “PvP”, which is where you can compete with other players for rewards.

Players are going all out to level up, but this PvP is more fun and rewarding than normal.

The PvP rewards are split into two tiers, the “P1” tier and the “M1” one.

This means you’ll earn more XP and gold, but there’s also a chance you’ll be challenged to a PvP duel.

This new PvP feature will be available to players who have at least 100,000 XP in their account, but only a limited number of people can be in the PvP queue.

If this is the case, you must first log into RuneScapeto play this PvP.

The queue will open when you first log in.

You’ll also be able access your account from outside of the game.

If anyone is looking to start their own private world, they can do so from within the game itself.

This feature will also be available for the next expansion, Mists of Pandaria, which launches on March 7.

This will include all the PvP rewards that are available for players who log in before then.

You should also be familiar with the way you can earn XP.

The amount of rewards you can win each week varies depending on your account, and the amount you earn is split into three tiers:The first tier awards XP for every 5,000 you log into the game, while the second tier awards 10,000XP for every 100,00 you log on.

The third tier awards 30,000×10,000 for every 50,00 logged in.

The first 10,00XP you earn will be rewarded in- game for every 10,500xp you’ve logged in, which will be the amount awarded for the second 10,50XP.

The next 10,5000xp you earnwill be rewarded as part of your XP bonus.

The remaining 10,9999xp will be given to your guildmaster.

In addition to all the rewards, players can also earn a number of other special rewards for playing.

The first tier rewards 10,800xp for playing in PvP matches, and all the other rewards will be doubled for this tier.

The second tier will award 1,500 XP for playing ranked PvP, and players will receive an additional 1,800 XP for winning PvP matches in PvE.

You will receive one extra point for winning PvE matches in ranked PvP.

The third tier will reward 10,300xp for winning a PvP match, and your guild master will receive a further 10,400xp for this achievement.

The last tier will offer a permanent XP bonus of 2,500,000.

The bonus is doubled for every 30,600xp you have logged in PvP, but will only be awarded to guilds with at least 1,100,000 members.

The PvP rewards will last until the end of the season, which should be around the end in December.

This new feature is coming to RuneQuest in an upcoming patch.

We’ll be sharing more information on the new PvE rewards as we learn more about it, so stay tuned to WIRED.