Prime Minister Trudeau announced on Thursday a $5 billion increase to support Canada’s poorest citizens, including $3.9 million for low income seniors and $3 million for students.

The money, announced in Ottawa, is a direct result of the Liberals’ 2017 election campaign.

Trudeau announced the grants, which are aimed at helping seniors and low income families with their basic needs, and are part of the $20 billion in government-sponsored grants he promised in the election campaign to help the middle class.

The Liberals said in a news release Thursday the grants will be available for people aged 65 and over, and for students, seniors and people living in rural areas.

Trudeau said it will help build the social capital of our country and help us reach our goal of creating 25 million jobs by 2024.

The Prime Minister said it’s a new level of support for those Canadians struggling to find work, including those who are currently out of work.

He said the funding will also be used to build housing and other infrastructure to make our communities more attractive to investors.

Trudeau also said the government will be making an additional $5 million available each year for two years to help people who have low income and those living in remote areas.

The Liberal government said the funds are part in the Government’s ongoing effort to invest in programs that help those in the lowest-income quintile who are most vulnerable, including the $6 billion for First Nations housing and $2.2 billion for people living with disabilities.

“Canada is in the midst of a historic and historic economic transformation,” Trudeau said in the announcement.

“Today, we are proud to announce an additional four years of federal government funding to help those most in need.”

The Liberal plan will provide $1 billion in aid for First Nation communities in the Northwest Territories, including more than $300 million for housing and additional funding to increase access to mental health services for First Peoples.

“This will be a big win for First Canadians and it will be the kind of investment that will help them build their lives, their families, their communities and their economies in the future,” said Peter MacKay, minister of Aboriginal and Northern Affairs.

The Liberals announced the initiative on Thursday in a bid to increase the number of Canadians with access to affordable housing. “

We’re also very pleased to see that, as well, the funding we’re getting from the government for First Ministers who are working on this issue will be directed towards those First Nations communities.”

The Liberals announced the initiative on Thursday in a bid to increase the number of Canadians with access to affordable housing.

“For too long, the federal government has been unable to provide affordable housing for low and moderate income Canadians, and now we’re making real progress in creating a system where low- and moderate-income households can own their own home,” Trudeau wrote in the release.

“The Prime Minister has committed to supporting First Nations in this effort and we are committed to doing our part in ensuring that these communities are well positioned to take advantage of the opportunity to build a stronger, more stable, more inclusive and more prosperous country.”

The government also announced Thursday that it will provide a total of $1.9-billion to support communities across the country to strengthen their social capital, including up to $100 million for First Indigenous communities.