Navy pays $8,400 to enlist soldiers in military retirement

A military retirement program in the United States paid nearly $8.1 million to enlist servicemen and women in 2017, an increase of nearly 20 percent from 2016, according to data compiled by the military’s top auditor.

The Navy’s retirement program, known as Active Duty Retirees and National Guard, pays a base pay of $18,000 per month and a maximum annual bonus of $20,000.

It has more than 7.5 million active-duty servicemembers and 2.1m retired servicemems.

Naval Reserve and Army Retiree Benefits are paid out of the same base pay and a minimum of $2,000 a month.

The military’s retirement system includes bonuses for service members who retire before they reach retirement age.

A retired soldier can get up to $3.4 million in retirement benefits in the Navy and $3 million in the Army. 

The Navy has a $3,000 base pay increase for each year of service, according the Navy’s website.

It pays military personnel who were on active duty as of Jan. 1, 2021, up to a maximum of $25,000, and also provides them with an extra $1,200 for each additional year of duty.

The maximum base pay for enlisted personnel is $36,200.

The Army pays its enlisted personnel $18.25 a month, which is the same as a full-time job. 

This year, active- and reserve-employed veterans received $18 billion in benefits, including a base salary of $35,000 for retirees, a $2.5 billion annual bonus for active-diplomat and conscripts and $1.7 billion for non-diemployed veterans. 

A total of 9.9 million retired servicemen received an increase in retirement benefit, according a Navy spokesperson.

The increase in retired serviceman’s pay was due to a 3.4 percent increase in the military pay rate, the spokesperson said.