In the summer of 2016, Cliniques promotional team reached out to a few of their most loyal fans.

The team asked them to share their first month bonus codes, and they responded with excitement.

“We asked them for their first codes, the bonus codes they would get for participating in our giveaways,” said J.T. Stine, the executive vice president of marketing for Clincs.

“I was just blown away.

It’s something that we’ve been waiting for for a long time.”

A year and a half later, Clinsique has signed on millions of fans with its loyalty program.

This week, Clincos new marketing team unveiled its first bonus code: a $1,000 bonus for signing up for its bonus days.

For the first week, the first $1 of every ticket purchased during that month will be worth $1.

To learn more, head over to Clincus official site.