The game of Yahtz, created by two brothers, is played by a small group of friends who have a shared love of music.

The rules of the game are simple.

A player chooses a song from one of the four tracks on a digital file, which is played for the first time.

The next song is played again, and so on.

The winner wins the game, but they get to keep a few songs, as long as they don’t add to the player’s score.

“We’re pretty lucky that we can add a few more songs to the game every time we play it, and some of them we don’t have to play,” says Josh, a junior.

“You just have to try them.”

The game is fun for the whole family, says Caleb, who is 14.

“It’s so easy to get a little carried away and get into the rhythm of the song and play it for hours and hours,” he says.

The brothers played Yahtz in their house for a few months before they decided to take it to the next level.

They played it for two weeks in a row, and then one night, they decided they wanted to add some more songs.

They used a digital recorder, a laptop and a sound board to record their songs for the game.

After a couple of hours of listening to the songs, they knew exactly what they wanted.

The first thing the brothers did was add some music to their song.

Caleb played “I Feel Good,” which is a cover of the Rolling Stones’ “We’ll Always Have You,” and he played “You’re My Sunshine,” by the Beatles.

He says they were both shocked by how the game worked.

“I thought, this is really fun, but I think I’ve really hit a wall,” Caleb says.

“That song is just incredible.”

Caleb added some additional songs, but the original tune didn’t seem to have any room for the additional songs.

He added a different tune, “Hallelujah,” to his tune.

“There are a couple more songs that I can’t really play,” he admits.

“And then I have to decide whether I’m going to play ‘Hallely,” or ‘I Feel Like A Stranger.’

“After that, we were in a kind of funk,” says Caleb.

“If I add a new song, I just start thinking about how to add another song.”

The idea for Yahtz came from their family.

Caleb says he’s a big fan of the Grateful Dead, and he says the Grateful, as well as many other artists, have inspired him.

The two decided that they wanted the game to be more fun, so they took some inspiration from other games.

“They’re all about playing music to the same goal, so that’s why we decided to use the rhythm system,” says Cody.

“But I think that’s where the game’s a little different than other games,” he adds.

“The game is about a group of people playing together, but it’s also about sharing a song.”