The NFL is getting more aggressive in trying to lure game hunters with its latest initiative, and its got a new perk: money.

The league announced on Monday that it’s doubling the number of game hunters eligible to earn up to $1,000 per week, a move that it says will help it bring more players to the games.

The NFLPA said in a statement that the move “is designed to encourage game hunters to participate in the game” and “to provide them with a competitive edge.”

But that doesn’t mean game hunters can’t earn their keep by simply hunting the game.

And even with that extra money, the NFLPA noted, “we would urge players to look beyond the game hunting component of the bonus to make a bigger contribution.”

It adds that “this offer is for those who have already played in the regular season and have not yet earned any game hunter bonus.”

That doesn’t necessarily mean that the $1.9 million the NFL paid out in 2016 will be enough to make up for the extra $1 million it’ll get this year, though.

If you’re a game hunter, there are plenty of other perks to be had, including more perks than just the $50,000 bonus.

Here’s what you need to know about NFL game hunting bonus.

What it’s worth If you want to earn money while hunting for NFL games, there’s some good news.

For one thing, you won’t be eligible to get any money if you’re caught hunting in a game that’s not currently live on the network.

If a game is currently live but no game hunters have logged in, you’re out of luck.

The same is true for if you were spotted on, the league’s website where you can log in and play a game.

That means if you can’t get the game you want on NFL GameDay, you’ll be out of options for a bonus.

If that’s the case, you should probably take your chances with some of the other games on the schedule.

The other major benefit of playing on NFL, aside from being able to watch the games, is that you’ll get to watch them from home, too.

That’s something the NFL isn’t going to let happen.

That’ll be up to the NFL Network, which you can watch on its own website or via its app.

That said, the network does have its own online player service, which includes live scores, stats and other information.

But, to get the best possible experience, you have to be on the NFL’s mobile app.

How much it’s going to cost to hunt The NFL announced the bonus, called “Game Hunters, Earned $1 Million,” on Monday.

It’s a $1-per-game bonus, but it will increase by $1 per game per week starting this Sunday.

That number will increase each week until the end of the season, with the last week of the 2017 season being a bonus game.

The $1M bonus will pay out based on how many games you play in each week.

The bonus will start on the third Sunday in October, and will continue to increase every week until it’s reached $1B in total payouts.

That would mean if you played in 10 games in a row in the third week of October, you’d earn $5,000 a week.

If the third-week bonus wasn’t reached, you would have to play another 10 games over the course of the remaining five weeks.

For a full breakdown of the bonuses, check out the

The money will be credited to your NFL Payroll account, and you’ll need to manually enter the amount into your NFL Wallet to access it.

It can be used for other things, like purchasing merchandise or paying for your next meal.

What if I can’t afford the bonus?

There are plenty who are not able to afford the $500,000 that’s being offered, but that doesn`t mean you should stop looking.

The good news is that if you`re a game hunting veteran, you could still earn some of that money by playing games, like you would if you had an NFL account.

The game hunter incentive is just one perk of a whole suite of new incentives the NFL is offering, which include more incentives for fans who purchase the NFL game pass.

The new rewards are also set to begin rolling out on Sunday.