Doordashing, the second largest casino company in the US, is taking its biggest bank bonus offer to date.

The offer includes an $18,000 bonus on bank deposits, as well as an $25,000 cash bonus, and the bank’s first two players, James Hodge and Mike O’Connell, have been offered a $15,000 free bank deposit.

It comes as banks and gaming companies continue to be hit with the fallout from the ongoing economic downturn.

The bank is offering $2,000 bonuses on every $1 of bank deposits over $1,000 in the next 12 months, and $2.5 million in bonuses on bank loans.

“Doordash Casino Royale is a very popular game, with an extremely active player base,” Doordashed CEO Dan Reitz said in a statement.

“We are pleased to offer our players a new bonus offer, and to continue to encourage our players to spend money.”

The bank’s offer is just one of many that are available to players and casino operators around the world.

The number of players on Doordashes game has soared from less than 1 million in November to more than 15 million now.

That’s helped boost the company’s share price to more then $25 billion, and it has a huge target audience.

The company said it’s looking for players who have “experienced a major life change” and “have a great idea of how to maximize their bank accounts, their time, and their earnings.”

It also said it wants to help its players “expand their online and mobile gaming activities.”