With the banking industry in turmoil, it’s not surprising that many of us are feeling the squeeze.

The banks have been hit hard by a huge surge in the number of customers who’ve switched to cash since the beginning of the year.

The surge has been attributed to an increase in demand and a lack of confidence in the banks.

Now, it looks like the banks are also facing a new threat to their survival: a new bonus system for their dad shirts.

A new bank bonus system to be rolled out for dads and sons is set to be unveiled by Barclays and Lloyds Bank, with the first bonus bonuses set to kick in from the end of this month.

The bank said that it was introducing the new bonus scheme as part of the bank’s “aggressive and aggressive” efforts to help its clients.

The new bonus plans, which are expected to be introduced later this year, will reward employees who take on more responsibility and provide greater bonuses to employees who have been at Barclays for longer than six months.

They will also offer bonuses for people who have completed an incentive scheme, such as the one offered by Barclays for its staff who have worked more than five years at the bank.

“Our bank is committed to providing a safe, secure and attractive workplace for all of our employees, and we want to help our clients achieve that goal,” said Barclays Bank boss Mark Pryce.

“This new bonus plan is designed to help all Barclays employees achieve their target of getting paid more than £4,000 a year, and to give a sense of reward to the hardworking men and women who have helped to keep the bank afloat.”

The bank also promised to increase the rewards for people in its UK branches who work more than seven days a week.

“The bonuses will be based on the number and quality of hours worked and, where appropriate, the quality of the work, so that we can reward our staff for their hard work,” it said.

“We’re proud of the many achievements and rewards we’ve seen for Barclays staff over the past three years, and hope the bonuses will help our customers see us as a company that is committed, accountable and committed to their success.”

Banks have faced a number of threats from hackers in recent years, which have led to the closure of some branches. 

But Barclays has also had to pay out bonuses to staff who had already earned them, and some employees have been paid for their work through the end in September.