The U.S. retail giant is facing a backlash from customers after it announced last week that it will pay nearly $1 billion in bonus pay to more than 6,000 Walmart employees.

The announcement came as part of a $1.4 billion bonus package Walmart announced in May for the new year, which included a $50 bonus and $10,000 in cash bonuses for each of its 5,000 U.K. employees, plus $100,000 for each person in China.

The company is also giving bonuses to 3,500 Walmart workers who work in China, as well as employees who work at its distribution centers in Ohio, Michigan and Pennsylvania.

Walmart has not said how many people will receive bonus pay.

The announcement comes amid a growing wave of negative news about Walmart, including allegations that the retailer has cheated consumers out of more than $1 million by not paying minimum wage.

On Tuesday, Walmart announced it would cut the number of workers at its U.C.M. research lab from 100 to 60 and the number at its headquarters from 25 to 20.

The company also said it would hire 15,000 workers at three U.N. schools in Bangladesh to build the new campus.