The number of people who can expect to receive a $1,895 bonus on their bank accounts is rising as banks start phasing out the annual bonus tax.

In a tweet on Friday, Bovadapost reported that in the last three months, a total of 2,700 bonuses have been paid out as of January, with 1,700 of them in the past two months.

The Bovadas bonus code is the most popular, with 7,700 bonus payments for January alone, according to data compiled by The Jerusalem Mail.

On Thursday, the bank said it had stopped accepting bonuses as of Jan. 1, 2017, citing a new policy that was put in place to “re-prioritize and simplify the process of paying bonuses.”

Bovas code was introduced in 2013.

Bovada, the Israeli-run bank that manages Bovados bank accounts, said in a statement on Friday that it is in the process “to revise the bonus payment process to better support the new bonus payment rules.”

It added that “all existing bonuses, including bonus amounts and bonus amounts with bonuses on account, have been adjusted to reflect this new policy.”

As of Jan, the number of bonuses on bank accounts rose from 6,000 to 6,900, with a total amount of $4.6 billion in bonuses paid out.