The Air Force has been busy in recent years to get ready for the wars in the Middle East and Asia.

Here’s what it’s done and what it might be able to do in the future.

Air Force’s Strategic Plans, 2015-2020: What’s New and Upcoming in the Air Force  In its Strategic Plans for the 2020-2022 period, the Air Forces Air Force identifies the key priorities for the Air National Guard, which includes: ensuring that the air force has a capability to meet airlift, air defense and logistics requirements of the global war on terror; ensuring that air force assets can sustain and improve in the face of contingencies; and ensuring that future threats are deterred and defeated.

Air Force Strategic Plans 2016-2025: What Changes Are Coming in the 2030-2035 Plan?

The Air Force’s strategic plans for the 2030s have included a number of major changes, including: A requirement for an Air National Guardsman to have a certificate of airman status with a state of the art airman training program, which will allow the Air Guard to develop its own cadre of airmen in the coming years; A commitment to spend $1.6 billion over 10 years to improve the readiness of the air corps and the U.S. air forces by building and training air assets, increasing the number of air combat missions, and reducing the need for airmen to return home.

Air Guard Air Force, Air Force Plans 2020-2130: What Updates Are Coming to Air Force Forces?

Air Combat: An update to the Air Combat plan outlines plans to improve air combat capabilities, and include a requirement to build and sustain airpower.

The Joint Force’s plans are to have four combat air missions, two ground combat missions and a naval air mission in 2020.

Army Air Forces, Army Plans 2020: What Plans Are in the Works to Expand the Army Air Forces? 

 (Air Force plans will likely include a new air wing to replace the aging F-16 fleet.) 

(The Army plans include a fleet expansion in 2020.)

Air Mobility: The Air Mobility plan includes a commitment to invest in advanced sensors and technology to improve ground control, communications and navigation capabilities for Air Force forces and support the Joint Forces.

CASA: The CASA plan proposes an increase in CASA aircraft for the force by about 1,000.

CASA plans will be updated to include new aircraft that can be used for air combat and the ground combat role. 

 USMC Plans 2020 – 2025: Air Force Commanders and Air Force Chiefs, Air Mobility, CASA, and CASA-related elements.