Cash rewards are now a big deal in the U.S., with more than 1 billion Americans signing up for some kind of cash incentive in the past year, according to data released by The Times.

The rewards program has grown to nearly 2 billion in the United States.

The U.K. and Spain also boast sizable cash rewards programs, and both have recently started rolling out new rewards programs.

The best cash rewards and cash back programs in the world, according the Times, are listed below: 1.

Bank of America Cash Rewards: The cashback program has been expanding in the years since its launch, with the average payout increasing from $1,300 in 2012 to $3,500 in 2016.

Now, the bank is rolling out its cash rewards program to new markets, including Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Portugal, South Korea, Sweden, and the United Kingdom.


Discover Cash Rewards Card: This card rewards a $5,000 bonus if you spend $500 or more in purchases on an eligible credit card within 60 days of your account opening.

You can earn the bonus on all purchases up to $1 million.


American Express Cash Rewards Rewards Card : The rewards are available for purchases of $1 to $5 million.


American Airlines Cash Rewards Credit Card: The rewards card offers a $25,000 cashback bonus if the average spend in the first 90 days is $1.

That’s a lot of cash, but the card’s benefits aren’t limited to that.

You’ll earn 5% cash back on eligible purchases, and you can also receive 10% cashback on gas, groceries, and hotel stays.


Chase Freedom Rewards Card, the only Chase card with this rewards program: The cards rewards program allows you to earn up to 20% cash on eligible spending.

You may earn up and 10% bonus on other purchases, but it’s not a cash back bonus.

The cards most popular rewards program is its $200,000 Chase Freedom Preferred card.

The card’s rewards include travel and airline reimbursements, up to 10% back on airline travel, and 20% back when you spend at least $2,000 in purchases.


Discover Checking Rewards Card and Cash Rewards Checking: The Discover Checking credit card rewards $100 on every $1 spent.

You could also earn up in the thousands of dollars on purchases.


Chase Preferred Card: You can also earn the $200 Discover Checking card when you buy a new credit card at an eligible retailer within 60 to 90 days of signing up.

The new card can be used to buy $1 purchases or more, including travel and car purchases.


AmericanExpress Platinum Rewards Credit Cards: The Rewards card offers the opportunity to earn $1 on every purchase, up, with no minimum.

You’re also eligible for up to 2% cashbacks on all spending, including gas, grocery, and travel.


American Eagle Platinum Rewards Card (all): The rewards credit card offers rewards on up to 3,000 points and is eligible for travel and hotel reimbursements.

It’s a good choice for the frequent flier who’s looking to get the most bang for their buck.


American Bank of the United State, the U, and Dividends: The U and Dips credit cards offer cashback rewards, with bonuses of up to 80% if you’re spending $5.

You must be a current member of the card and make an eligible purchase to qualify for the bonus.


Amex Gold Rewards Credit: The credit card also offers bonuses of $25 on every eligible purchase, with bonus rewards for spending $50,000 or more.

12. Cash Rewards Points: You earn a $50 bonus if your average spend within the first 30 days of opening a new account is $500.

You also can earn $25 points for every $2 you spend on eligible credit cards.


Chase Sapphire Preferred Card and Platinum Rewards Checking Card: There are three cards with this program, which is the only card that offers cashback in the rewards section.

The Sapphire Preferred card is the best reward card to earn on the card, with an average bonus of $100 per dollar spent.

The Platinum Rewards checking card is a bit better, offering a $100 bonus if each of your purchases is $2 or more and an average of $3.50 per dollar.

There’s also a $1 credit on every transaction you make, but you can only redeem the points on purchases over $100.


Citi Cash Rewards Cash Rewards Visa: The Citi cash rewards card is one of the most popular cards in the country.

The Rewards program allows members to earn 50,000 CitiPoints after spending $1 in eligible purchases in the next 30 days.


Discover Card and Discover Checking: