5E News – BitStarz, the popular virtual currency exchange and Bitstamp, are among the businesses and institutions that have signed up for a bonus action to help pay their employees.

The bonus action is being offered to all Bitstarzz employees as part of their severance package.

“We are incredibly excited to have this action announced as part the employees severance and are committed to continuing to grow BitStarzz as the best virtual currency marketplace in the world,” Bitstaraz CEO Michael Biederman said in a statement.

Bitstarzz, which was founded in 2008, is the world’s largest bitcoin exchange with over 20,000 active customers.

More than 70,000 Bitstarez customers have also already received their bonus, which includes $5 million in bonuses for the first three months of 2018.

Biederman also announced that BitstarZ, the largest bitcoin trading platform in the U.S., is also offering a bonus to its employees.