Buyers may be more likely to choose to pay less for health insurance after they read about the new Target bonus program, which offers customers the chance to save up to $100 on their premiums with a new online pharmacy card.

The program, called Target Diamond Bonus, has become a hot topic in the healthcare industry after a group of doctors, patients and consumer advocates warned that the program could create a new incentive for doctors to use incentives that often drive up prices.

The new program, Target Diamond, has been in the works since early January, according to a spokesperson for Target.

In February, Target and Target’s pharmacy network, Pharmacy Express, launched the program, according the spokesperson.

Target announced last week that the new card will go live this fall.

Target Diamond allows customers to earn 1.25% of their total purchase price when they use their card to buy prescription drugs from pharmacies across the country.

That will pay for a standard two-pack of generic medications.

The first month of the program is free for everyone.

The pharmacy card program is aimed at consumers who need to shop for health care products in their local pharmacy.

It offers discounts to patients and their families, which have included people in a nursing home, people with chronic illnesses and older people, according The Associated Press.

Pharmacy card holders will receive an automatic rebate if their prescription price drops more than 10% during the first year of the card, which can be used for all of the prescription drugs they bought, Target said.