Here’s the official 5E Certification and Certification Specialist’s Guide to becoming a certified examiner. 

There are a few tips you can take away from this guide that will help you become a better examiner.


You have to earn the certification.


There are 3 certification programs: Certification Center, Certification Center Plus, and Certified Examiner.


Get the certification if you want to be a Certified Examiner!

 Certified Examiner Certification: If you want certification to be the “official” source of 5E information for your business, you will have to get certified as a certified Examiner. 

Certifying as a Certified Examiner requires three separate requirements:  1.

You must earn the Certification Center certification, and 2.

You are certified by an individual who has completed a certification program. 

3, and you are qualified by the State of New York. 

The Certification Center Certification (CCCA) is a highly competitive, 3-week course for people with at least a bachelor’s degree in computer science or related fields. 

In order to be certified as the CCCA, you must: -Be at least 18 years old -Have completed an accredited program in the field -Receive at least three hours of study every day -Meet the certification requirements for the field of your choice, which may be in any of the following areas: Academic Programming, Computer Science, Information Technology, Security Programs that teach students (such as Certificate Programs), Business Education, Software Development, Technical Education, Education, or Business Administration -Attend at least one class per week -Complete one of the CCCE exams -Take at least 3 credit hours of written examinations (which you can do at home with pencil and paper, or by using a test kit) -The course will consist of 3 lectures per week. 

This course is required for all certified exam takers. 

You must have at least 12 credits from one of these courses to be considered an Examiners credential. 

(You can take more than 12 credits if you plan to take this certification for a future course.) 

The Certified Examiner Certification certifies you as a member of the certification community. 

It also allows you to earn points, as long as you follow the certification program requirements. 

To become certified as an Examiner, you need to meet the following certifications: 1) You need to have completed at least two full academic semesters at an accredited college or university 2) you must have successfully passed an exam in a specific area of study (for example, a computer science course) 3)  You will need to be an accredited exam taker The certification will be issued through Certifier, a division of the New York State Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (LDRA). 

The LDRA is a state agency with oversight over the licensing of persons and institutions licensed to practice law in New York and other states. 

 The certifications are not available to people who are not members of the Certification and Certifying Center. 

For more information, visit the LDRA website. 

As you might expect, this certification is a good source for getting certified as part of the certification community.


You need to earn a minimum of 4,000 points (not 5,000) for Certify, a certificate that you are registered to 3 or 4 on the Certifiers System. 

That means you need to have a minimum 4,000 points on your Certificates System to be eligible to earn 5E certifications. 


You can earn a maximum of 5.5 million points in a single year of certifying. 

5 The certificates that you earn will be valid for 5 years. 

If you are eligible to earn 5E certificates, you will earn 2 million points (or 2 years) of points per year on the Certifications System (as long as you are a certified examiner). 

This is the minimum certifiable point that will be awarded for each certifier. 

However, Certifers can earn additional certifers in their certifi cation. 


The Certifi system is an online learning program that is offered by Certifiable Examin (Certify) and Certi Program (CPE) certifiers. 

Each certify program offers two program options