Amazon Bonus Episode 2 – Bitcoin 5e is Here

Google News article The Bitcoin blockchain has become a popular payment method for online retailers, but some companies are starting to see the benefits of the technology more than others.In an exclusive bonus episode of the Amazon Bonus Podcast, host Chris Hardwick and co-host Alex Smith interview bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto about how Bitcoin is […]

Why Chase Sapphire Reserve’s Free Stubs Are So Big—And Why You Need Them

Chase Sapphire Preferred’s $50,000 bonus is one of the biggest savings opportunities available, but it’s also one of its biggest drawbacks.Chase Sapphire’s bonus isn’t cheap, but you’ll need to spend a lot of money to get the best of both worlds.The Chase Sapphire Reserves are offered to all Chase Premier, Chase Business, and Chase Sapphire […]

Which of these bonus categories is worth the $100?

Bonus Categories and How They Work article Categories can be classified into three main categories.The first category is ‘Bonus Categories’ that allow the user to select a set of categories for a specific bonus.For example, if you want to see all the Chase checking bonus categories, you can choose ‘Bonus categories’ for each of the […]

DOD: Army’s $8.9 billion contract for new air-traffic controllers could take longer than originally anticipated

The Pentagon is considering a proposal to award more than $8 billion to expand air-to-ground communications capabilities in the wake of the Air Force’s $9.9 trillion retirement.The Air Force was expected to retire its fleet of nearly 1,500 air traffic controllers in 2025, leaving the Air National Guard and Army with limited communications capacity.The Army […]