How to watch the WSOP Bonus Money Draw on TV in France

More than 2,000 poker players will compete for a record $30,000 bonus in the 2017 WSOP bonus pot on Friday night.The WSOP’s top prize is a bonus pot worth $1 million (£1.5m) and the second prize is $750,000 (£530,000).The draw will take place at the Rennes casino, which opened its doors in February 2017.The winner […]

How India’s cash-strapped cash-starved defence forces will spend on upgrades

The cash-scarce Defence Ministry is in talks with the government to buy up to 40,000 helicopters, the first such purchase of the countrys helicopter fleet since India started deploying them.Sources told The Times that the sale is being discussed with Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar, who is also the chairman of the defence committee.The choppers are […]

How to save on Amazon gift cards and gift certificates by using an Amazon referral bonus

We all love to get discounts on Amazon purchases and other promotional offers, but there’s one thing you need to be aware of when doing so: Amazon is offering you a bonus for referring a friend or family member to your Amazon account.This is something you should definitely consider before using this referral bonus.If you […]

What does this all mean?

Posted March 23, 2018 11:14:51 What does it mean?“The bonus is now calculated based on your earnings and the bank bonus,” said Brian Pascarella, president and chief executive officer of the CSL bank.“The bank bonus will be calculated based upon your bank bonus and bonus eligible deposits.”The bonus calculation will be based on the number […]

Amazon Holiday Bonus Time

Bank bonus time: This is the perfect time to start a new bank account.We’ve included bonus bank bonuses for many of our favorite bank cards.Here’s how to apply: Make sure you can open an account in your preferred bank account type: You’ll want to start with a bank that you’re comfortable with.If you have multiple […]