The biggest bonuses for executives at the world’s largest banks were announced on Wednesday by the banks’ chief executive officers, as well as their top financial advisers.

The three top bankers and two of their top advisers got a $2 billion annual bonus for 2013, and the other three received a $500 million bonus.

The bonuses are a record for the banks, which have been criticized for not paying bonuses to their top managers since at least 2008.

The bankers also received more than $1 billion in stock options and other compensation, and they also received another $2 million in cash bonuses.

The total of the $2,225 million was nearly $1.5 billion more than the banks received in compensation for the previous year, and nearly $500 more than they received in 2011.

Banks were awarded bonuses in 2013 after a series of scandals, including a wave of bad loans that left customers unable to access their money.

That prompted the government to tighten regulations, including requiring banks to hold more capital, tighten credit standards and stop making big profits by selling toxic mortgage-backed securities.